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Booklat is a free online reading site which aims to provide an avenue for Filipino writers to create and share their stories online as well as avail themselves of the opportunity to have their works published. We also wish to create an environment conducive for social engagement among writers and readers.




Yes, we do. As long as your stories have not been published, you have the liberty to upload them on Booklat.


No, we don’t. Again, Booklat is a free online reading site. Publishers/publishing companies are the ones who check out Booklat stories, and publish them once these stories have met their standards. Nonetheless, Booklat desires to have creative Booklat writers experience the chance of having their works published, most especially if the stories are “worthy of publishing.” Thus, we highly advise Booklat writers to not just write, but write with all their heart and produce a world-class material.


Go to "My Works" and click "Compose."


None. You are free to write as many words as you can.


If possible, we highly advise writers to lessen the use of profanities for the sake of readers who might get offended by them.


Booklat stands firmly against it. Thus, your stories are “plagiarism-proof,” meaning they cannot be copied and pasted by any user. However, if you encounter a story you believe to be a plagiarized work, report it to us by clicking the report icon located in the main page of the story. Once proven, the Booklat admin has the right to delete the story.


Yes, we take down stories when the story has been reported and proved to be offensive due to its scandalous theme and content such as violence, rape and other similar issues. Once you encounter one, immediately report it to us. Also, Booklat admin has the prerogative to take down stories without questions asked.


It is at the discretion of the writer and the publishing company in which the writer is affiliated with. Booklat respects whatever the agreement between the writer and the publishing company in regards to the online posting of the story.


The Status Feed in Homepage is the area open to all users for chatting and promotional purposes. All announcements of Booklat Admin could also be seen in the Status Feed. Or you can follow us at: and


Do to others what you want them to do to you. Read, comment and share. It is a win-win situation, Ka-Booklat! You do not only get to interact with writers and readers, but you also expand your learning experience by reading other people’s works.


The story qualifies to be put up in the Recommended portion once it earned high votes. Due to the bug regarding the reads, Booklat admin decided to base the selection of recommended stories on the number of votes from the readers. So, Ka-Booklat readers, vote wisely! 


In Homepage, click Browse Story located on the right corner under the Search box. 


Click the Browse Story or visit the Latest Updates (found in the right panel of Homepage, preceded by Recommended) by clicking See All. Then click the Sort By to categorize all stories by their number of comments, reads, votes, and date of last update. You can also classify them in either ascending or descending order.

The Booklat site is in its toddler stage in terms of features and interface. On the other hand, we are doing our best to fix these problems as well as to provide you a "home" environment conducive for writing and reading. As a Booklat family, we encourage you to send your feedback, comments and wish list about Booklat. Let us help improve this site and make it more visually appealing, user-friendly and uniquely Filipino! Just drop a message at or send Booklat a message (

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For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, required is iOS 7.0 or better versions. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. For Android users, the supported OS versions are: Jelly Bean (4.1–4.3.1) and KitKat (4.4–4.4.4)